Mr. Mohammed Hadi is Director of Operations and board member of SMW Gold.

A qualified metallurgist and mechanical engineer, Mr. Hadi has held
managerial positions at a number of oil & gas, manufacturing and service
companies in the Middle East, Russia and the CIS during the past 25 years.

Mr. Hadi graduated from Moscow Institute of Steel & Alloys with a PHD in
Heat Treatment of Steel and Master of Science in Engineering. He also holds
a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Baghdad Technological
University as well as Certificate in Logistics Management from The American
Academy of International Business Collaboration.

Mr. Hadi had started his career as a unit manager at a tools and equipment
production plant in Iraq in 1985. He had since held a number of top-level
positions at divisions and regional offices at such industrial concerns as
Philips, Siemens and Intercom Holding.

Mr. Hadi has perfect command of Arabic, Russian and English. His possesses
vast experience in organization of new business units combined with advanced
technical expertise in metallurgy, engineering and logistics.


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