SMW Gold is an exploration and mining company dedicated to development of economic, multi-million ounce deposits in Egypt.


The Board of Directors oversees SMW Gold's business strategy, operating strategy and business practices. The Board meets regularly to review major issues in the areas of planning, acquisitions and divestitures The Board monitors, assesses and reviews matters pertaining to the organization and the composition of the Board of Directors, the organization and conduct of Board Meetings, and the effectiveness and independence of the Board, its committees and individual directors. The Board also monitors matters pertaining to standards of business and ethical conduct. The Board has established two standing committees that facilitate and monitor the Board's fulfillment of its duties and responsibilities and to ensure compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


Today, the mining industry operates in a climate of rising social standards and increased social responsibility. The participation of a highly motivated, enlightened investor community and growing public pressures contribute to the trend towards tougher environmental and social standards. While environmental sustainability issues are of greater consequence to producing gold mining companies, often it is the junior companies that create a foundation of understanding and commitment to the communities affected by exploration and development of gold properties. SMW Gold is committed to exist and grow its exploration in harmony with the people and natural environments of the communities in which it operates. The company's standard for all projects is to net no long-term negative impacts on the environment, and, to the extent possible, improve or mitigate negative impacts that may have been left behind by previous explorators.

SMW Gold's Board of Directors and executive management have adopted the following Guidelines for Social and Environmental Governance:

  • Maximize commercial interests without compromising natural or social environments
  • Respect the integral environmental and social values of people living and working in the communities in which SMW Gold operates
  • Consult with appropriate local and state government bodies affected by or associated with the projects.
  • Adopt best environmental practices as they become available through emerging exploration and development technologies
  • Whenever possible, improve local and community infrastructures to benefit local residents and commercialenterprises



Marks Lisnanskis

Managing Director of SMW Gold since 2007. Chairman of Magnesiumcom and of SMW Engineering since 2001.

From 1998 to 2004, as Director of Solikamsk Magnesium Works, initiated and coordinated new production facilities - of rare earth carbonates and of downstream magnesium alloy products; subsequently coordinated the merger with Silvinit.

From 1995 to 1998 - board member of Silvinit, and in charge of securing new sales channels and associated logistics.

In 1993, he founded one of the first stock brokerage and asset management houses in Russia.

Graduated from NJIT with BSEE.

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Maxim Dlugy

Managing Director of Optim Advisors Private Equity Fund;


Managing Director of one of the world's largest magnesium plants;

Managing Director of Trans-National Research Corporation;

Vice President at Bankers Trust Company of New York;

President of the U.S. Chess Federation;

Ranked #1 in the world by the World Blitz Chess Association, World Junior Chess Champion.

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John Litvinchuk, MBA, PMP

is a certified PMP, with over 20 years of experience in the fields of finance, energy, healthcare, insurance and information technology.


He managed various types of multi-million dollar projects at Fortune 50 companies. Mr. Litvinchuk served as an advisor on numerous merger and acquisition transactions, as well as facilitating restructuring and reorganization assignments for companies, creditor groups and acquirers of distressed assets. The total project/transaction portfolio under his management and guidance exceeds $3 Billion.

Mr. Litvinchuk graduated from Yale University with BA in Economics and holds an MBA in Finance from New York University. He also holds a Master's Certificate from George Washington University in Project Management. Mr. Litvinchuk is also an accomplished chess player. He was the U.S. Junior Chess Champion, U.S. High School Chess Champion, and took third place at the World Junior Chess Championship. He also broke Bobby Fischer's record of becoming the youngest Master in U.S. history.

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Mohammed Hadi

Director of Operations and board member of SMW Gold

A qualified metallurgist and mechanical engineer, Mr. Hadi has held managerial positions at a number of oil & gas, manufacturing and service companies in the Middle East, Russia and the CIS during the past 25 years.

Mr. Hadi graduated from Moscow Institute of Steel & Alloys with a PHD in Heat Treatment of Steel and Master of Science in Engineering. He also holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Baghdad Technological University as well as Certificate in Logistics Management from The American Academy of International Business Collaboration.

Mr. Hadi had started his career as a unit manager at a tools and equipment production plant in Iraq in 1985. He had since held a number of top-level positions at divisions and regional offices at such industrial concerns as Philips, Siemens and Intercom Holding.

Mr. Hadi has perfect command of Arabic, Russian and English. His possesses vast experience in organization of new business units combined with advanced technical expertise in metallurgy, engineering and logistics.

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Gayas Yusupov

Chief Geologist


40-year experience prospecting and thematic work, valuation of silver and gold deposits, including mapping of ore fields and deposits, ore localization conditions analysis, quantitative forecast of ore-grade gold, and execution of prospecting projects.


Former positions held include:


Chief Geologist at Vertex Mining (Algeria); Chief Geologist of Karakalpakian Geological Expedition (Uzbekistan); Chief of Mobile Unit at Institute of Mineral Resources (Uzbekistan); Senior Geologist at Central Asian Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources (GosComGeology)

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William Shor


Prior to joining Core Carbon Group as CEO, Mr. Shor was Komi Aluminum's (RUSAL GROUP) Chief Financial Officer and Chief Development Officer and acted as the Deputy General Director of the largest greenfield mining project in Russia until its sale to a major strategic partner. Prior he was Managing Director of European Emerging Markets at Solomon Smith Barney.

He also spent time at Chase Manhattan Bank focusing on emerging markets trade finance. Bill has a Bachelors degree from Binghamton University and an MBA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. He also has a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University.

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Dr. Oleg Morozov

Over thirty five years natural resources experience in Russia and in South America,

discovered number of precious metals and diamonds deposits. Professor of Moscow State Mining University.

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Dr. Valery Narseev

is a member Academician of both the Russian Academy of Natural Science and the Russian Academy of Engineering Science.


He graduated from the Kazakhstan Mining and Metallurgical Institute in 1955. From 1955 to 1961, he worked within the exploration group for rare and precious metals of the Eastern-Kazakhstan Administration of Kazakhstan Ministry of Geology.

From 1961 to 1980, Dr. Narseev advanced from Researcher to Director of Laboratory, and subsequently to Deputy Chairman of the Kazakhstan Institute of Mineral Resources.

In 1981, Dr. Narseev was appointed as Director of Central Scientific and Exploration Institute of Basic and Precious Metals and Diamonds (CSEIBPMD) and headed it until 1989. Since 1990, he has consulted a number Russian and foreign mining companies. In 1985, he was awarded the Russian Federation State Prize for his contribution to geological science.

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Dr. Mikhail Konstantinov

is a world-renowned authority in the field of geology. He has authored over 300 publications, including 20 monographs on the geological survey of gold and precious metals deposits.


Dr. Konstantinov graduated from the Russian State Geological Survey University (former MGGU) in 1959. From 1960, he worked at Central Scientific and Exploration Institute of Basic and Precious Metals and Diamonds (CSEIBPMD), and explored lead and zinc deposits in Northern Osetia, Russia and developed the criteria for prospecting hidden deposits. From 1966, Dr. Konstantinov explored gold deposits in Transcaucasia, Northern-East and Far-East regions of Russia, as well as Yakutia and Middle Asia.

From 1972 to 2007, he headed the Department of Precious Metals at CSEIBPMD. In 1980 he graduated from a Ph.D. program specialized in the prospecting of gold and silver ore deposits in volcanic belts. From 1980, he successfully elaborated the Methodology of Prognosis and Prospecting of Gold Deposits. Official manuals: "Atlas of multi-factor prospecting models of gold ore deposits in USSR", "Methodology of prospecting gold ore deposits", "Methodology of local prognosis hidden gold and silver deposits" were prepared and published under his auspice and supervision.

Dr. Konstantinov is the author of such important books as: "Provinces of precious metals" (1994), "Conditions of localization and basis of prospecting bulky gold ore deposits" (1998); "Gold-silver deposits" (2002); "Geology aspects and genesis of gold ore-bearing systems" (2002); "Geology of silver deposits" (2003); "Gold-ore provinces of the world" (2006).

He participated in prospecting and survey of gold deposits of Zodskiy, Mnogovershinniy, Megradzorskiy, Lichvaz-Teyskiy and Dukatskiy in Russia. He heads the group of experts that advises on methods of exploration works in Yakutia, Osetia and Magadan regions (Russia).

Dr. Konstantinov was member of Technical Council of Ministry of Geology of USSR and was awarded Russian Governmental State Prize as a Distinguished Explorer.

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