Today, the mining industry operates in a climate of rising social standards and increased social responsibility. The participation of a highly motivated, enlightened investor community and growing public pressures contribute to the trend towards tougher environmental and social standards. While environmental sustainability issues are of greater consequence to producing gold mining companies, often it is the junior companies that create a foundation of understanding and commitment to the communities affected by exploration and development of gold properties.

SMW Gold is committed to exist and grow its exploration in harmony with the people and natural environments of the communities in which it operates. The company's standard for all projects is to net no long-term negative impacts on the environment, and, to the extent possible, improve or mitigate negative impacts that may have been left behind by previous explorators.

SMW Gold's Board of Directors and executive management have adopted the following Guidelines for Social and Environmental Governance:

  • Maximize commercial interests without compromising natural or social environments
  • Respect the integral environmental and social values of people living and working in the communities in which SMW Gold operates
  • Consult with appropriate local and state government bodies affected by or associated with the projects.
  • Adopt best environmental practices as they become available through emerging exploration and development technologies
  • Whenever possible, improve local and community infrastructures to benefit local residents and commercialenterprises



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