Dr. Mikhail Konstantinov is a world-renowned authority in the field of geology. He has authored over 300 publications, including 20 monographs on the geological survey of gold and precious metals deposits. Dr. Konstantinov graduated from the Russian State Geological Survey University (former MGGU) in 1959. From 1960, he worked at Central Scientific and Exploration Institute of Basic and Precious Metals and Diamonds (CSEIBPMD), and explored lead and zinc deposits in Northern Osetia, Russia and developed the criteria for prospecting hidden deposits. From 1966, Dr. Konstantinov explored gold deposits in Transcaucasia, Northern-East and Far-East regions of Russia, as well as Yakutia and Middle Asia. From 1972 to 2007, he headed the Department of Precious Metals at CSEIBPMD. In 1980 he graduated from a Ph.D. program specialized in the prospecting of gold and silver ore deposits in volcanic belts. From 1980, he successfully elaborated the Methodology of Prognosis and Prospecting of Gold Deposits. Official manuals: "Atlas of multi-factor prospecting models of gold ore deposits in USSR", "Methodology of prospecting gold ore deposits", "Methodology of local prognosis hidden gold and silver deposits" were prepared and published under his auspice and supervision. Dr. Konstantinov is the author of such important books as: "Provinces of precious metals" (1994), "Conditions of localization and basis of prospecting bulky gold ore deposits" (1998); "Gold-silver deposits" (2002); "Geology aspects and genesis of gold ore-bearing systems" (2002); "Geology of silver deposits" (2003); "Gold-ore provinces of the world" (2006). He participated in prospecting and survey of gold deposits of Zodskiy, Mnogovershinniy, Megradzorskiy, Lichvaz-Teyskiy and Dukatskiy in Russia. He heads the group of experts that advises on methods of exploration works in Yakutia, Osetia and Magadan regions (Russia). Dr. Konstantinov was member of Technical Council of Ministry of Geology of USSR and was awarded Russian Governmental State Prize as a Distinguished Explorer.


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